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Empowering Leaders to Stand in the Gap

Reach Freedom 2024 embodies our church's ambitious vision for the year, focusing on enhancing outreach, increasing attendance, deepening community connections, and nurturing leadership and generosity.


This vision represents our commitment to impactful growth and active community engagement, inspired by the call in Ezekiel 22:30 where the Lord seeks someone to “build up the wall and stand before me in the gap on behalf of the land.”

Lead Pastor, Alex Blake

Reach Freedom 2024

Embracing Authentic Growth and Generous Impact

  1. Enhance Community Outreach (Pursue 'The One'): We are motivated to form meaningful connections within our community, reminiscent of those called to stand in the gap in biblical times. Our regular events like men's breakfasts, women's fellowships, food distribution drives, and evangelism activities aim to broaden our reach and show our commitment to evangelism and community involvement. These gatherings are our way of building the wall and standing in the gap, embracing each individual with kindness and open arms.

  2. Grow Sunday Service Attendance: In creating a welcoming and dynamic environment at our Sunday services, we aspire to echo the dedication of those who stood in the gap, as mentioned in Ezekiel. Our goal is to encourage members and visitors to participate regularly, fostering a community that actively engages with the Gospel and our church family.

  3. Strengthen Community Connections: Our various small groups and weekly services are platforms for deepening bonds within our church and the broader community. Like the leaders sought in Ezekiel 22:30, we invite everyone to participate in this vital connection-building, especially through our 'New Member’s Class', which integrates newcomers into our church family.

  4. Nurture Leadership and Service: As our congregation grows, so does the need for compassionate and competent leaders willing to stand in the gap. Through our events and gatherings, we offer opportunities for members to develop leadership skills and dedicate themselves to service, guiding our church toward significant community engagement and spiritual growth.

  5. Embrace Generosity: In fostering a culture of generosity, we aim to live out the spirit of those called to stand in the gap, urging each member to contribute during our events. This spirit of giving, sharing resources, and supporting each other is integral to our commitment to communal support and devotion to God’s work.

    Our vision for Reach Freedom 2024 is a journey of standing in the gap, building up our community, and leading with the heart of service and generosity.

2024 Goals Overview

Church Mobilization:

  • Organize 4 major church outreach events.

  • Conduct various soul-winning events.

Feeding Ministry

  • Provide 12,000 meals over the year.

Widows and Orphans Ministry:

  • Serve and support at least 500 widows and orphans.


  • We aim to perform 70 baptisms this year.


  • Manage a budget of $350,000. to effectively support these initiatives and the broader church operations.

Feeding Ministry

  • Provide 12,000 meals over the year.

Discipleship Growth:

  • Increase small group participation by 25%.

  • Train at least 15 new small group leaders.

  • Host bi-weekly/monthly discipleship meetings to engage 50% of the congregation.

  • Implement personal growth trackers for 75% of discipleship participants.

Outreach and Evangelism:

  • Organize a minimum of 6 community engagement events.

  • Conduct 4 evangelism training workshops.

  • Achieve 100% follow-up with new visitors within 48 hours.

  • Form at least 2 new partnerships with local organizations.

  • Increase social media following by 30% and enhance online evangelistic content.

  • Execute 24 door-to-door outreach initiatives.


What God has Done.

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