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At Freedom Church, we have special teams to make sure everyone feels welcome and has a great time. The Parking Team helps you find a place for your car, while our friendly Greeters give you a big hello at the door.


If you're hungry, the Hospitality Team has some snacks for you, and if you're new or have questions, the Info Team is there to help. During our Worship Service, the Usher Team is around to assist, and the Prep Team makes sure everything looks neat and ready for you. We want everyone to feel like they're part of our big, happy church family!



At Freedom Church, our Worship Team prepares music that touches hearts. With every song and melody, we aim to inspire God’s people to draw closer to Jesus.


Through dedicated practice and heartfelt worship, they lead us in music that evokes love, hope, and a deep connection to God. Our Worship Team’s mission is to help people draw closer to God through worship.


At Freedom Church, our Media Team uses photography, video, and presentations to showcase God's messages. We capture every special moment that reveals how God touches lives here.


Our media team ensures that these stories are presented in a captivating manner, allowing everyone to deeply connect with God. Every piece of content we produce is designed to bring people closer to Him. In essence, our mission is to spotlight God's work using the best media and technology available.

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